SIC, Sviluppo Immobiliare Corio

SIC is the company you call when it comes to real estate development in the Milan metro area: we develop innovative projects that complement the surrounding urban fabric, creating ecosystems that are vital for our clients to make, produce and grow. We work with the most advanced technology available, with the smallest environmental footprint and an adequate return on investment.

We continuously invest our resources and energies towards the enhancement of the urban area and the buildings where we work, developing ground-up projects on vast urban areas or converting existing properties to give them a new function, constantly looking forward.

Our business today is defined by the ability to coordinate and manage different functions and synergies in order to cultivate value. This ability comes to us from the family tradition of the Cabassi Group, which has been active in the real estate development business for three generations. Almost a century of real estate developing which shows our trustworthiness, know-how, leadership and expertise. Three generations that showcase our knowledge and our roots in the area.

Experience has taught us that no project is like another, and that success comes not only from expertise but from bravery.

At SIC we ask everybody to question their own assumptions and relinquish past models when they become ineffective. We ask them to be brave and creative, to be bold in proposing ambitious solutions that look to the future.
If we want to keep being leaders, we must be first in catching new opportunities and needs, first to recognize value, first to have a vision.

Going beyond what is traditional, we live our daily work with passion, keeping our hands deep in the present and our eyes fixed on the future.