As a property and development company, we are active every day in two main business areas.

Investment & Development Management

We pursue real estate development opportunities locally and nationally by building a diverse, resilient, and sustainable investment portfolio spanning the entire real estate value chain.

Our consolidated relationships with brokers, investors, and operators, our knowledge of the area, and our flexible approach allow us to have access to development operations in multiple sectors and phases of the real estate life cycle. From market research to morphological, environmental, and regulatory characteristics, we carefully evaluate every aspect of each potential transaction.

Experience has taught us that no two projects are the same. We carefully select the best design team and coordinate them at all stages of development. Once the masterplan has been defined, in addition to the related quality, sustainability, budget, and planning objectives, we manage, with the support of our network, the various phases of the permissions process until we obtain the relative entitlements, maintaining relations with public administrations and the entities in charge.

Leveraging consolidated relationships with leading business partners and institutions, we define and implement financing strategies consistent with the project life cycle.

For each project we select the most suitable construction companies and negotiate the related contracts, then coordinate and monitor the various phases of construction. We manage the handover and inspection phases, as well as the customizations necessary to meet the needs of our customers.
Based on an initial strategic study, and with the support of our network, we devise and execute suitable commercial, marketing, and communication strategies aimed at leasing or selling properties.

Asset & Property Management

We actively manage our properties, putting our customers first: we strive to create spaces that not only allow people to make, produce, and grow, but also provide a comfortable environment. Additionally, we aim to foster an atmosphere in which companies can flourish and attract and retain talent.

We are constantly committed to promoting sustainable initiatives and investing time and resources into the efficiency and improvement of buildings. At the same time, we operate appropriate decommissioning activities consistent with our investment strategy.

The active management of our property assets is crucial to our business. We recognize that enhancing the usability and efficiency of spaces is essential to attracting demand and driving the rental growth and capital value of our properties, ultimately improving customer experience.

Customers and partners