Our vision

We want to be the leading real estate developer in the Milan metro area.

Our Mission

SIC develops real estate projects that complement the surrounding urban fabric, creating ecosystems that are vital for our clients to make, produce and grow. We work with the most advanced technology available, with the smallest environmental footprint and an adequate return on investment.


Our company focuses on ground-up integrated development of great urban areas through planning and building of innovative complexes that combine quality, sustainability and design. We build and develop projects starting from just an idea. Our team is involved in every step of the process, from obtaining entitlements to construction, from inspection to management of the product. Our focus ranges from a single property to an urban area.


SIC invests in the transformation and major renovation of existing properties, coordinating every step of the whole process. We analyze the urban context and the social fabric of the neighborhood, and we use our expertise to reuse, change, renovate and develop unused properties and areas.
Transforming a property or an area means recognizing its value and potential, giving it new life in a different shape that cultivates value for society, its final users and the surrounding urban fabric.


Besides long-term developing projects, SIC also invests in rental properties. Thanks to many years of experience and a well-established list of partners, SIC manages a number of real estate properties as well as the farmland of the group, assisting the final users in their development.

Customers and partners