Our Vision

To contribute to the city’s and land’s sustainable development and improve the professional and personal lives of current and future generations.

Our Mission

To establish ourselves as one of Italy’s leading real estate operators by developing high-quality initiatives that bring value to the places where we operate, combining returns on investment with the best international standards of innovation and sustainability.

5 key values define our actions and guide the daily work of our teams: a pragmatic vision, the ability to innovate, the courage to take risks, team spirit, and responsible entrepreneurship.


At SIC, we ask everyone to embrace the future and think big, maximize their creativity and produce continuous innovation.  We stand out thanks to our pragmatic approach and clear, measurable actions, guided by our strong ethical convictions and market needs.


We meet the needs of an increasingly fluid and changing society by finding new and better solutions every day, removing the word “no” from our vocabulary.  We think as a large group, embracing the entrepreneurial spirit typical of our family history: a streamlined, practical and results-oriented approach guides all of our actions.


We want to be the first to overcome limits by anticipating sector trends with a dynamic approach that always looks to the future.


We adopt coordinated and integrated working methods, leading capable and motivated multidisciplinary teams and enhancing the value of the individual. We create a climate of trust to develop projects of all sizes and long-term relationships.


We operate responsibly, seeking to strike the right balance between results, innovation, and sustainability in each project. As members of the Green Building Council, we adhere to its charter of values, leaving speculation out of our strategies and courageously committing ourselves to constantly improving the area in which we operate for our clients and future generations.