“No” is a word that does not exist in our dictionary and in our vocation. Those who come in contact with us have the power to think big, maximize their creativity and express innovation in the world.


We work with our eyes fixed on the future and we strive to overcome our limits and outperform our competitors every day. We are dynamic in our day-to-day operations, and we are able to catch opportunities as they come. We become leaders by being first in catching new opportunities, first to recognize value, first to have a vision and first in increasing market share.

A passion for excellence

We are a passionate team and we love what we do. Everything we produce is conceived to develop a product that is the best in class. This means that we keep the highest standards and demand excellence at every step of the process. We put in place all of our resources to go beyond where others can go.

Deep roots

Three generations of passion and tangible projects. Expertise means knowing every nuance of our work in order to guarantee the creation of a successful and enduring product. Deep roots as well as consolidated practices. Like any well-designed building, everything starts from the foundation. SIC guarantees safety and solidity on every level: these are the economic and technical reassurances that are needed when developing projects of any type and size.


Anything that is worth doing, both in life and in business, requires persistence and perseverance. Planning means having the necessary long-term vision, capital and bravery to stick to one’s own plan.
Our commitment in sticking to our plan remains unwavering in the face of criticism and obstacles, setting ourselves apart from our competitors. We develop strategies and focus on financial impacts. While the market evolves, we push ourselves beyond our limits and continuously strive to reach success.


We are modular and flexible so that we can respond to a society that becomes more and more liquid every day. We try to find new and better approaches, we set aside our assumptions so that we can find the best solutions to develop a project. We go beyond our limits by sharing information and collaborating with an engaged and competent team.