Acquired by the Group in 1987, Villa Chigi, located in the Salario district of Rome, underwent a meticulous restoration aimed at preserving its authenticity and original magnificence. Great attention was paid to detail throughout the process.

The “before” and “after” transformation serve as tangible examples of SIC’s commitment to preserving and restoring the value of historical sites.

The property spans three floors with a total area of 1,100 m2, in addition to a 570 m2 annex, surrounded by a historical park covering 16,000 m2.

This exquisite example of an eighteenth-century “casino di villeggiatura” was built in the second half of the eighteenth century, commissioned by Cardinal Flavio II Chigi, an art connoisseur and refined patron.

Initially, the construction was overseen by architect Tommaso Bianchi, a representative of the late Roman Baroque, who created an elegant main residence. Subsequently, the project was taken over by Pietro Camporese il Vecchio.

The interior decoration was carried out by Filippo Cataldi and Gioacchino Paver, with frescoes depicting views by Francesco Nubale and Giacomo Rubini. The chapel, dedicated to the Virgin, was the work of Antonio Bicchierai. The rooms were adorned with fine furniture and precious fabrics, and the adjacent garden, now a public park, was finally completed around 1776.

In more recent times, the Villa was chosen as a set for the 1959 film “Il Vedovo,” starring Alberto Sordi.

The restoration project in 1990, carried out by SIC, was led by architect Marco SciĆ² for urban planning, with scientific support provided by Prof. Francesco Amendolagine from the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice for historical aspects. Countess Pignatelli oversaw the restoration of the frescoes.

Furthermore, the restoration of the frescoes and wooden components involved the participation of the youngsters from Mondo X, an association dedicated to rehabilitating young people recovering from drug addiction. At the end of the project, the villa and its gardens were granted for a period of 24 years, free of charge, to Mondo X, highlighting SIC’s attention to social issues once again.


Roma, via di Villa Chigi




Villa: 1.100 m2
Dependance: 570 m2
Park: 16.000 m2






Lead Architect: Francesco Amendolagine


Construction Company Castelli Roma
Construction Company L.A.R.A. srl Montichiari Brescia

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